We manufacture machines for various processes in the oil industry: Cleaning, dehulling, cracking, conditioning, flaking, expanding and granulating oilseeds; oil extraction through mechanical pressing, and extracted flour and pellet treatment.


The purpose of the oilseed preparation is to modify the physical structure of the seed to give it a suitable shape that optimizes a fast and effective oil extraction by mechanical pressing or solvent extraction. It is a sequence of various stages that are combined with each other according to the product / process to be carried out.


Impact, screening and gravity separation using multiple aspirators.

Cracking Mill

Impact, screening and gravity separation using multiple aspirators.


Seed flaking yields an increase in efficacy in the oil extraction process.


Dryer - Cooler

The dryer / cooler allows drying and / or cooling expanded expeller, pellets, granules or flour, regulating temperature and humidity.


The aim of the expander is to make the preparation behavior less critical to get a good extraction, improving seed extractability.

Vertical Cooker

Its function is to condition seeds by regulating temperature and humidity.


Rotary Cooker

Its function is to condition seeds by regulating temperature and humidity.


Mechanical pressing

Obtaining oil from seeds with high oleic content, with different options depending on the product / process.

Pre-Pressing Press

Pre-pressure presses are used for oil extraction by pressing oil seeds.

Full Screw Press

Oil extraction by single pressing of oilseeds.

Extract-Conformer Press

Extract oil from the seed mechanically and takes advantage of the humidity and temperature generated to obtain a similar effect to that of the expander.



Conditioning and preparation of oilseeds prior to the extraction process of vegetable oil by mechanical pressing.

Cooler Dryer

For drying and cooling of expanded material prior to solvent extraction.

Screening Tank

Separation of solids in suspension present in oil extracted by pressing through a decantation process.


Extracted Flours

Drying, pelleting and classification of extracted flour.

Beater / Sifter

Recovery of seed particles adhered to sunflower husks after dehulling and also to the classification of the extracted flours.


Pelleting of flour extracted from soy or sunflower in order to increase the volumetric density for dispatch.

Rotary Dryer

Equipment for the drying of flour from the DT prior to the pelleting process.


Cooler Dryer

For the treatment of extracted flours, pellets or granules prior to storage.