Seed flaking yields an increase in efficacy in the oil extraction process.

This is achieved by passing the seed between smooth, large diameter rolls which usually produce flakes with a thickness of 0.3-0.4 mm. Flakes are produced by the friction between the rolls that spin at different speeds.


  • Rotary type, with permanent magnetic trap.
  • Anti-magnetic threaded roll.
  • Automatic feeding system with variable speed roll.


  • Split tiltable bearing boxes that facilitate the dismantling of the rolls.
  • Opening and closing of the rolls by double effect hydraulic cylinders.
  • High quality and first brand rolls.
  • Easy access roll scrappers for maintenance.
  • Structure, casing and cover belts lined with acoustic insulation material (In the AC-300 and AC-400 flaker).
  • Roll adjustment hydraulic circuit with a security valve system that loosens the rolls in the presence of foreign materials.


  • Hydraulic system for roll dismounting (For AC-400 only).
  • Belt drive of 1 or 2 motors (In AC-400 only).
  • Equipment for roll and board rectification.

Technical Characteristics and Measures

* Weight with engines