The vertical cooker conditions the seeds by regulating temperature and humidity.

The main aims of the process are:

  • To provide seed plasticity.
  • To reduce oil viscosity.
  • To bring about coagulation of proteins.
  • To sterilize the seeds.
  • To decontaminate undesirable components in the seeds.

Vertical Cooker

  • The heating medium is water vapor in a pressure range of 6-8 bar. Seeds are heated to 90-110 °C for pressing and 65-72 °C for direct extraction.
  • Certified by the EEC (European Economic Community) for elements exposed to pressure.
  • Material passage system on each floor, mechanically operated and externally regulated.
  • Stainless steel steam exhaust.
  • Independent manhole per floor.
  • High quality main operation reducer.
  • Independent steam injection and condensed steam recollection system per floor.
  • Axial bearing housing for vertical axle supporting.
  • Specially designed stirrers in each floor.

Technical Characteristics and Measures

* Please check for capacities for other oilseeds. ** Weight including legs and motor