The extract-conformer press allows the oil to be extracted from the seed mechanically and takes advantage of the humidity and temperature generated to obtain a similar effect to that of the expander, compressing the material through a die.
Feeder / Automation

  • Feeding screw of variable speed.
  • Independent operation control.
  • Vertical feeder for constant load.
  • With a control system in plant, the operation of the feeder and the equipment can be automatized, thus allowing set points to be established that parameterize its operation in different scenarios, consequently being able to have preset responses or fault alarm indication.
  • Electronic control of automated feeding and load over press shaft.
  • Feeding system startup needless of permanent supervision.
  • Remote program of operating parameters regulation.
  • Automatic feeding failures detection.


  • Worms lined with high resistance to erosion material.
  • Thermally-treated blades or blades lined with high resistance to erosion material to improve drainage.
  • Blades with an exhaust to improve drainage according to processed material.
  • Axial bearing housing independent from the reducer.
  • First brand main operation reducer.
  • Independent lubrication system for axial bearing housing and reducer.
Perforated die for collet conformation.

Technical Characteristics and Measures

* Weight without including the controller