The dryer/cooler allows drying and/or cooling expanded expeller, pellet, granulated material or flour, regulating temperature and humidity.

  • Modular tunnel-like equipment for drying/cooling by crossed air flows.
  • Material conveyor chain.
  • Stainless steel equipment cover.
  • Stainless steel feeding hopper especially designed for the equipment's automation.
  • Mechanical system for layer thickness grading.
  • Stainless steel pipes and aspiration system with their corresponding butterfly valves for air flow regulation.
  • Automated feeding, material progress and layer thickness uniformity systems.


  • Heat exchanger / radiators for equipment's incoming air heating.
  • Cyclone separators for fines precipitation with its corresponding rotary valve.

Configurable equipment.

Capacity, number of floors, modules and motors are defined based on customer requirements.


Technical Characteristics and Measures