The aim of the expander is to make the preparation behavior less critical to get a good extraction, improving seed extractability.

Expanders are the most inexpensive and simple way to increase the capacity of deep bed extractors.


  • Feeding screw of variable speed.
  • Independent operation control.
  • With a control system in plant, the operation of the feeder and the equipment can be automatized, thus allowing set points to be established that parameterize its operation in different scenarios, consequently being able to have preset responses or fault alarm indication.
  • Automation system that keeps equipment load and steam supply constant.
  • Remote operating parameters regulation program.
  • Automatic feeding failures detection.


  • Axial bearing housing or housing for the axial bearing independent from the reducer.
  • Coupling set with mechanical protection.
  • First brand main operation reducer.
  • Independent lubrication system for axial bearing housing and reducer.
  • Different alternatives for product conformation:
    • Drilled dies
    • Mechanically commanded threaded cone
    • Hydraulically commanded threaded cone

Technical Characteristics and Measures

* Dimension “D” Dimension will depend on the motor brand and its characteristics